The main design functions are accessible from the Design Toolbar at the top of the screen:

The Design toolbar

The functions are laid out from left to right in the order they might commonly be used when designing a site.

Road Tools button Road Design
Channel Tools button Channel and Footpath Tools
Secondary Channels button Secondary Channel Tools
Standalone Footpath design button Standalone Footpath Design
Interfacing Tools button Interfacing
Setting Out Tools button Setting-Out Tables
Junction Tools button Junction Design Tools
Roundabout Tools button Roundabout Design Tools
Speed Tables Tools button Ramps and Speed-tables
Channel Vertical Tools button Super Elevation
Kerb Vertical Tools button Kerb Vertical Tools
Drop-Kerbs Tools button Drop-Kerb Tools
Drainage Tools button Drainage Tools
Drainage Auto Sizing and Levelling Tools button Drainage Auto Sizing and Levelling Tools
Drainable Area Tools button Drainable Area Tools
House Tools button House Tools
Plot Boundary Tools button Plot Boundary Tools
Simple Section Tools button Simple Section Tools
Spot Annotation Tools Spot Annotation Tools
Tools button Interrogation Tools
Surface Tools button Surface Tools
Sub-Surface Tools button Sub-Surface/Borehole Tools
Earthworks Tools button Earthwork and Pond Tools
Surfaces and Volumes Tools button Surfaces and Volumes Tools

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