New Road Centreline Add a new IP Add a horizontal curve Move an IP Delete an IP Add/Edit Channels, Kerbs and Footpaths Design the Vertical Alignment View Road Cross-sections Show Road Contours Forward Visibility Edit Road Properties View Road Levels at a particular chainage Delete a Road Quit the Toolbar

To access the tools for creating and modifying roads click the Road Tools button button, or select the Add/Edit Centreline... option on the Road menu.

You will see this toolbar appear on the top left of the plan view window:

Centreline Tools

The big Road Tools button button indicates which type of options the toolbar is for. Moving the mouse over this big button also restores the visibility of the toolbar when it has hidden itself (The toolbar will slide out of view after a period of inactivity).

New Centreline button Start New Road Centreline
Add Centreline Point button Add IP (Intersection Point) into Road Centreline
Add Centreline Curve button Fillet an IP on a Road Centreline (Add or change a curve)
Move Centreline Point button Move an IP on a Road Centreline
Delete Centreline Point button Delete an IP from a Road Centreline
Add Channels button Add/Edit road channels, kerbs and footpaths
Vertical Alignment button View road longsection and edit the vertical alignment
Cross-sections button View vertical cross-sections along the road
Road Contours button Show road surface contours
Forward Visibility button Show forward visibility on a road
Road Properties button Edit properties of the road
Level at Chainage button View centreline, channel, kerb and footpath levels at selected chainage along the road
Delete Road button Delete a whole road
Close Toolbar button Click this button to close the Road toolbar

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