Simple Sections are used for viewing quick long-sections anywhere across the site. The vertical view shows the long-section through the ground survey and any design features.

[Note: For road long-sections you should use the Road Vertical Alignment facility. For drainage long-sections you should use the Drainage Longsection facility]

To access the tools for creating and simple sections click the Simple Sections button button.

You will see this toolbar appear on the top left of the plan view window:

Simple Section Tools New section button Add section point button Add section curve button Move section point button Delete section point button Vertical alignment button Section properties button Delete section button Close toolbar button

The big Simple Sections button button indicates which type of options the toolbar is for. Moving the mouse over this big button also restores the visibility of the toolbar when it has hidden itself (The toolbar will slide out of view after a period of inactivity).

New section button Start New Section
Add section point button Add IP (Intersection Point) into Section
Add section curve button Add or change a curve
Move section point button Move an IP on a Section
Delete section point button Delete an IP from a Section
Vertical alignment button Show Long Section
Section properties button Section Properties
Delete section button Delete a Section
Close Toolbar button Click this button to close the toolbar

Start new Section New Section

This tool can be used to create a new section.

The mouse cursor will be shown as a cross when over the drawing, indicating that you should click the start position for the section path.

After clicking the start point, a line will be shown stretching to the mouse cursor position. Click the next point to place the line, and continue placing further IPs (Intersection Points) to describe the section path.

The tools for creating and editing the line that you want to see a section along work exactly the same as the centreline tools. Click here for more in-depth detail on creating and editing the line.

When you have finished placing the IP points for your section path, right click the mouse and select Show Section from the menu. The new section path shows as a blue line on the plan view, and the long-section view window appears.

Delete section button Delete a Section

With the delete line tool you can click on a previously created section to remove it from the project.

Vertical alignment button Show Long Section

The show long section tool can be used to re-open a previously created section.

Simply click on a section to open the section in the long-section view window. Click here for more information on the long-section view.

Section properties button Section Properties

After pressing the section properties button click on a simple section to open the Section Properties window:

Window for setting the section properties

Here you can set the label for the section and the size that the label is drawn in the plan view.

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