The Footpath and Driveway object is very similar to a Road object, but is more suitable for designing paths, cycleways and driveways.

Example of New Footpath usage Example of New Driveway usage

A Footpath/Driveway object differs from a Road object in the following aspects:

A footpath is distinct from a footway in that a footway runs along the side of a road, taking its vertical levelling from the vertical alignment of the road, whereas a footpath has its own centreline and vertical alignment.

To access the tools for creating and modifying footpaths and driveways click the Footpath Tools button button.

You will see this toolbar appear on the top left of the plan view window:

Footpath Tools New centreline button Add centreline point button Add centreline curve button Move centreline point button Delete centreline point button Add channels/kerbs button Vertical alignment button Cross-sections button Path contours button Path properties button Level at chainage button Delete path button Close toolbar button

A footpath or driveway is operated almost identically to a road centreline, and much of the functionality for roads is also available for footpaths and driveways.

For information on how to use footpath and driveway functions please take a look at the Road Tools help pages, as Roads and Footpaths/Cycleways/Driveways work in a very similar way:

New Centreline button Start New Centreline
Add Centreline Point button Add IP (Intersection Point) into the Centreline
Add Centreline Curve button Fillet an IP on a Centreline (Add or change a curve)
Move Centreline Point button Move an IP on a Centreline
Delete Centreline Point button Delete an IP from a Centreline
Add Channels button Add/Edit channels and kerbs
Vertical Alignment button View road longsection and edit the vertical alignment
Cross-sections button View vertical cross-sections along the road
Road Contours button Show design surface contours
Road Properties button Edit properties of the footpath/driveway
Level at Chainage button View centreline, channel and kerb levels at selected chainage along the road
Delete Road button Delete a whole footpath/driveway
Close Toolbar button Click this button to close the Footpath and Driveway toolbar

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