A road carriageway is not always a constant width along its entire length. Often the road may widen or narrow. There may be parking bays or bus-stops. Residential sites are often designed with all sorts of fiddly shaped carriageways and footpath.

Accordingly, Site3D provides a set of tools to allow the engineering design of virtually any shape of road channel and back of footpath line. Site3D remembers the geometry of your design, so that if you should need to move the road centreline afterwards then the shape of the channels and back of footpath will automatically follow.

To access the tools for modifying road channels and footpaths click the Channel Tools button button, or select the Channels/Footpaths Tools... option on the Road menu.

You will see this toolbar appear on the top left of the plan view window:

Channel Select Toolbar

You can now select which road channel or footpath you want to edit. As you move the mouse over the drawing the channel or footpath closest to the cursor will highlight. Click the mouse to select the desired item.

You will then see this toolbar with the options for the selected channel or footpath line.

Channel Editing Tools Parallel channel button Widen channel button Mitre channel button Edit channel item button Delete channel item button Add amorphous item button Delete amorphous item button Finish channel button Close toolbar button

The big Channels Tools button button indicates which type of options the toolbar is for. Moving the mouse over this big button also restores the visibility of the toolbar when it has hidden itself (The toolbar will slide out of view after a period of inactivity).

Parallel channel button Add parallel item
Widen channel button Add widening or narrowing
Mitre channel button Add mitre item
Edit channel item button Edit channel/footpath item
Delete channel item button Delete channel/footpath item
Add amorphous item button Add amorphous item
Delete amorphous item button Delete Amorphous item
Finish channel button Finish and apply the items
Close Toolbar button Click this button to close the toolbar

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