This option is for viewing and designing the vertical alignment for a road.

On the Road Tools button road tools toolbar in a plan view, click the Road Vertical Alignment road vertical alignment button.

You will be promtped to select a road from the drawing. As you move the mouse cursor the nearest road centreline is highlighted. Click to select. The road's longsection is shown in a new window along the bottom of the screen.

Road Vertical Longsection

The section drawing is fully constructed with levels and chainages annotated in tables below the section lines. These tables will automatically update whenever the design is modified in vertical or plan.

The section through the existing ground survey is drawn as a green line. The road centreline section is in red.

If a storm and/or foul drainage system has been added to the design, that is also shown, with annotation in a table above the section lines.

Vertical Longsection with drainage

This toolbar is displayed at the top of the long-section view:

Vertical Design Toolbar

New Centreline button Add a Vertical IP (Intersection Point) into the Road Centreline
New Centreline button Fillet a Vertical IP with a Parabolic Curve
New Centreline button Move a Vertical IP
New Centreline button Delete a Vertical IP
New Centreline button Edit properties of the road
New Centreline button Edit properties of the Long-Section Display
Close Toolbar button Click this button to close the Road toolbar

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