Earthwork profiles can be vertically adjusted when looking at the earthwork long section.

Earthworks simple section

To adjust the earthwork in this way, use the simple section tools Simple Sections button to place a section path across the earthwork in the plan view:

Simple section crossing a pond earthwork

Then whilst in the simple section view click the Earthworks Tools button button on the main toolbar.

This is the Earthworks Toolbar when in the section view:

Earthwork Tools Move earthwork point button Close toolbar button

To change the level of an earthwork design line, press the Move Earthwork button button and select an earthwork line. The editable earthwork lines will be highlighted by a visual snap point near the cursor position. Click to select one.

Note: If you cannot snap to a line on the earthwork section, it is most likely part of the earthwork interfacing. You can alter the interface properties from the Earthwork tools in the plan view.

Earthworks simple section

The selected design line will move up and down with the mouse cursor. Click the mouse to place in the new vertical position.

Move earthwork point in simple section

The earthwork section will then automatically update to show the change, as will all other open views.

Move earthwork point in simple section

Here is an example of a simple pond earthwork displayed in the 3D view, defined with four design lines and interfaced to ground at its edges:

Example of a pond earthwork

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