House FFLs (finished floor levels) can be vertically adjusted when looking at the house pads in section.

Example of a sectioned house pad

To adjust the house pads in this way, use the simple section tools Simple Sections button to place a section path across the house pads:

Example of a sectioned house pad Here is an example of a two house pads inserted next to a road, with a simple section placed through them.

Then whilst in the simple section view click the Houses Tools button button on the main toolbar.

This is the House toolbar when in the section view:

House Tools Set house level button Close toolbar button

To change the level of house pad, press the Set house level button button and click near a house pad (They will be highlight when near the mouse cursor) to select it.

Example of a sectioned house pad

The house pad will move up and down with the mouse cursor. Click to place it in the new vertical position.

Set house FFL in simple section

The house section will then automatically update to show the change, as will all other open views.

New house FFL in simple section

Note: The new FFL is automatically latched to the site brick course interval, so that brick courses line up on neighbouring houses.

Alternatively if you right click over the section of a house pad and click Level House you can enter a specific FFL. Here you have the choice to use or ignore the suggested FFL nearest the site brick course.

Set house level window

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