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Getting Started Guide

This guide will show you how easily and quickly you can do your engineering design.

The steps in this guide lead you through the common design elements to quickly become proficient with using the software. Each step is short and easy to follow.

Note: The videos are best viewed fullscreen.

1 - Starting a new project
Learn how to load a survey and create a new project file.

Duration: 01m:00s
Level: Getting Started

2 - Creating a new road
Learn how to create a new 3D road in only a few seconds.

Duration: 01m:51s
Level: Getting Started

3 - Matching a layout
Learn how to create a 3D road to match an imported layout.

Duration: 02m:40s
Level: Getting Started

4 - Road vertical alignment
Learn how to change the vertical alignment of a road.

Duration: 02m:00s
Level: Getting Started

5 - Creating a junction
Learn how to create a new junction/intersection.

Duration: 01m:08s
Level: Beginner

Help Topics:

Junction Properties
6 - Moving a junction
Learn how to reposition a junction/intersection.

Duration: 01m:41s
Level: Beginner

7 - Creating a roundabout
Learn how to create a new 3D roundabout.

Duration: 02m:07s
Level: Beginner

8 - Existing Junction
Learn how to junction a new road onto an existing road.

Duration: 02m:29s
Level: Beginner

Help Topics:

Junction Properties
9 - Widening a Road
Learn how to flare a road at a junction and widen a road smoothly around a bend.

Duration: 02m:44s
Level: Beginner

10 - Camber to Crossfall
Learn how to change a road from camber to crossfall.

Duration: 02m:01s
Level: Beginner

For further guidance please browse our online help manual.

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