Design roundabouts in seconds, not days

Roundabout Design

Roundabout design is built-in

Site3D will automatically design you a 3D engineered roundabout, to DMRB standards, when you join roads at their end-points. Design in seconds that which takes days with traditional methods.

  • Three-arm, four-arm, five arm or six arm roundabouts.
  • Automatic junction levelling and 3D surface creation.
  • Inter-junction crown lines.
  • Flared, straight or compound curve junction entry and exit.
  • Variable inner-island size.
  • Flat disk or vertical curved inner island.
  • Automatic elimination of dead-area road surface between adjacent junctions.
  • Automatic surface contours generation.
  • Automatic splitter islands produced at junctions.
  • Optional inner-island run-over apron strip for long vehicles.

The ease and speed of design means the engineer can try any number of what if scenarios to produce their best design, not just their first.

For a detailed description of the capabilities see the features page.