Engineer your roads
quickly and easily

Road Design

A comprehensive set of road design tools

Whether you're designing long sweeping link roads or amorphous residential cul-de-sacs, Site3D has all the tools you need to get the job done.

  • Quick and accurate centreline placement.
  • Automatic 3D junctions between connecting roads.
  • Automatic 3D fully engineered roundabouts to DMRB standards.
  • True curve geometry.
  • Spiral curve transitions for main roads.
  • Superelevation.
  • Real-time contours.
  • Variable road width and shape.
  • Raised speed tables.
  • Laybys and parking bays.
  • Automated setting-out schedules.
  • Automated annotation.
  • Per-road cut and fill volumes to formation surface.
  • Variable camber and crossfall.
  • Drop-kerbs for crossings and driveways.
  • Forward visibility splays.

For a detailed description of the capabilities see the features page.