Equally suited to
major link roads
or small residential sites

Site3D Overview

Site3D is a powerful software tool for the 3D engineering design of road schemes and infrastructure.

Comprehensive facilities include tools for road placement in horizontal and vertical, automated junctions and roundabouts, varying carriageway width, spiral curve transitions, super-elevation, interface grading, building pads, earthworks, ponds and drainage.

For a comprehensive list of functionality see the features page.

Ease of Use

Site3D works from the engineers' point of view. Having been developed within a civil engineering consultancy, the software works in the way that engineers think.

The software is so intuitive that engineers often require no training in Site3D to deliver complex design schemes.


The powerful interactive features in Site3D empower the engineer to deliver projects in a fraction of the time of traditional systems. Using Site3D allows engineers to get through more work and to produce more refined designs.

Better Designs

Because Site3D makes it so quick and easy to modify any aspect of the design model, the engineer is able to try out many what if scenarios. This allows for a more honed and refined final design.

3D Design

Site3D shows an interactive 3D view of the design model throughout the design process. The engineer may make design modifications directly in the 3D view, or the plan view, or the vertical alignment views. All views are automatically kept up-to-date.

Site3D does all the complex mathematics and geometry behind the scenes, so that the engineer need only be concerned with the engineering. All 3D triangulations are generated automatically to produce the 3D surfaces for the engineer's design.

BIM : Building Information Modeling

Site3D has been designed from the ground up so that each design element knows how it interacts with other design elements. This means that when you modify one aspect of the design, all the knock-on effects are automatically calculated and applied.

For example, if you move a region of a road's centreline in the horizontal, then the road's channels, kerbs, footways, laybys, junctions, interface slopes, sections, triangulation, volume calculations and associated views will all instantly update accordingly.

The Site3D BIM model can be exported in compliant IFC file format for integration with any BIM viewer.