Junctions are a Snap
with Site3D

Road Junction Design

Junction design is automatic

Site3D will automatically design your junctions. Simply place the end of one road near to the edge of another and let the software join everything together, while you to make the engineering decisions.

  • Automatic joining of centrelines, channels, kerbs, footways and earthwork slopes in 2D and 3D
  • Automatic 3D road surface creation.
  • Automatic surface contours generation.
  • Join road at any angle (not just perpendicular)
  • Easily move a junction along the road - it will redesign itself at the new position using the previous properties.
  • The junction automatically updates itself to cope with related design changes. For example, if you raise or lower the primary road at the junction position, the side road automatically flexes in the vertical to ensure the junction is correct.

The ease and speed of design means the engineer can try any number of what if scenarios to produce their best design, not just their first.

For a detailed description of the capabilities see the features page.