Hassle free drainage design

Drainage Design

Point and Click Drainage Networks

With Site3D drainage design has never been easier. Create drainage runs by placing manholes along the desired path and join runs together by simply clicking the next manhole onto one already on the drawing. The manholes are automatically linked together and all relevant drawings and longsections are instantly updated to show the changes.

  • Foul and Storm sewer networks.
  • Automatic collision detection.
  • Export and import your drainage designs with drainage simulators such as Microdrainage.
  • Automatic drainage projection onto relevant centreline longsections.
  • Easily move manholes or insert new manholes into conduits.
  • Automatic linking of drainage runs.
  • Automatic highlighting of non-draining manholes.
  • Automatic calculation and display of concrete protection.
  • Set gradients of entire runs or simply between two connected manholes.
  • Set multiple pipe sizes for entire runs or simply between two connected manholes.

The ease and speed of design means the engineer can try any number of what if scenarios to produce their best design, not just their first.

For a detailed description of the capabilities see the features page.